Wednesday, 13 June 2018

June 13 2018 Diary update - Coffee Delivery ???

Start Day Locked in Chastity: May 11 2018
Day: 34 DAYS to date.

11:18 am

okay so this is weird this literally just happen an hour and half ago, i had walked away from my desk to deal with something in the back. when i came back there was Starbucks Coffee cup on my desk, found out later it actually was a Caramel Macchiato!

i asked my secretary where did the coffee came from, her reply it came by Uber as was told it was for you so i put on your desk. it came shortly after you left to go into the back.

written on it very clearly with a black marker "For the Cuckold Husband ;)", my head raced a million miles thinking what the hell. try calling the Mrs/Mistress and it just rang and in the back ground i hear a comment from my secretary i was unable to hear clearly as my focus was on try to get a hold of my wife with no luck.

i asked my secretary "what was that?".

her reply was "That was nice of your wife to be thinking of you and left you a special note on the cup for you!"

yes she knows i'm a cuckold, but i still wanted to crawl under my desk and hide.

Text came in from my wife that read " Sweetie stop calling i'm busy in a hotel room with a large friend, he's the one who bought you the coffee and got it sent to your work also took the rest of the day off and might be home a bit later".

mind is racing.. still so will leave off for now! will upload a photo of the coffee cup when i get a chance!


Edit Diary Post: 4:00 PM  adding this photo of the cup on my desk that i took.

no word or text from the Wife/Mistress

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Dear Diary: June 12 2018

Start Day Locked in Chastity: May 11 2018
Day: 33 DAYS to date.

so it's been hectic lately in the household and have a few post that i'm working on but sadly as well behind on having them finished.

did notice that i seem to have a bit more traffic of people checking out my online diary, but sadly no comment good or bad as of yet!

did notice on my/our stats that the word so far people are searching to find my Diary is  the words "cuckold living".


Tuesday, 5 June 2018

June 04 2018 – last night’s dream

Start Day Locked in Chastity: May 11 2018
Day:26 DAYS to date

Dear Diary:
being locked in chastity has done my head in so many ways this time, so not really sure why or the reason this time around. we been playing like this since the fall of 2010, i been locked in chastity way longer than this before longest for me was just under 2 months.

maybe because i been teased and given more attention by my Wife/Mistress or maybe the new smallest stainless steel cage we own. really not sure why and honestly it would be a “freaken” guess to give you one straight answer.

so the further i fall even further into my submissive role another dream rise’s with me when i open my eyes to the tightness of the cage and hardness trying it’s best to fill it!

the dream i vividly woke up to this morning is written to the best of my memory without changing or embellishment.

this is being written as i sit in my office at work in spare moments i have throughout the day hopping i have it completed before i go home.

The Dream #3
i’m asleep but feel the bed shaking ever so lightly and a noise, it seems a bit familiar to me but can’t figure it out exactly. i also feel the light breeze coming in through the open widow on my side of the bed as well as the noise from the bird’s chirping and the squirrels make their funny little cry.

as i roll over to see what the shaking about and noise i slowly start to wake, i am caught off guard by the vision my eye’s adjust to seeing and it a damn hot and very erotic sight to be seen. i truly wanting to just take it all in and be ever so quite as a afraid it will go poof and disappear from my line of sight.

there in my sight line is my beautiful Wife/Mistress her top raised up above her beautiful breast her hot breasts exposed to the air and her pierced nipples hard,  engorged & elongated form her self-stimulation. her left hand can be clearly seen cupping her left breast and between squeezing the whole breast and move and puling and twisting her pierced nipple.

i look up into her face to see if she saw or even noticed me watching her now. her beautiful face contorted in clear passion, her eyes tightly shut and her whole face to me looks like she just feeling the moment she was clearly in.

as i move my eyes slowly down her body going from the view of her face to view her neck, then the bunched up top above her breast and then down to her stomach half way her right arm comes into my view and I follow that to see it has found it way into her shorts she was sleeping in last night.
and “ah-a” that the what the noise is she was masturbating which is a very extremely rare thing for her to do on her own, her shorts moving in different motion’s sometimes fast some time slow, her hand look like it changed and or moved to the rhythm of the strokes she was giving herself.

i was enthralled by her action’s and watching her almost nude body her breathing getting heavier and her chest rising more and a flushing of color showing up  just about her breasts. with what was going on i got scared as and looked past her body to check our bedroom door to see if it was open like we usually do. it was closed and by the looks of it locked from what i could tell, then i was jarred from that view by the fact she raised her hips off the bed into a bit of an arch and both hands on either side slid the shorts off to her middle thigh and then a leg came up and it sort of came off by the one leg sliding it down so she was able to spread her legs apart and the beauty of her pubic area was now clearly in my view.

i marveled at the area as it looked smoother than i  have never seen in real life other, as she continued to take care of her needs with and concern or knowledge i even present. as i continue to stare at her hand movement on her pubic mound, she starts to moan and i look up towards her face to see her lips parted in the sexual state one can get when one wish to take in air and exhale those deeper breaths from their erotic sate.

and then she starts to speak in like she having sex with someone, telling them “deeper “


“of fuck that feels so good”


“god I need your cock way more than I ever gat already as my husbands is so fucking small, it’s pathetic”


“Oh God Deeper that feels so good”


“Faster, harder please”


“Ohhhh I going to cummmm, fill me up with your load of spermmmmm”


“Fuck yeah!!”


“Yeahhhhh  that’s it oh Goddddd”


and then I woke up in pain, my cage was being pulled and ensuing pulling my balls even tighter by the locking ring.


** Please if you like or understand us, leave a comment please for my Mistress of I to read and reply if needed!

Monday, 4 June 2018

June 02 2018 Diary Update

Start Day Locked in Chastity: May 11 2018
Day: 25 DAYS

Dear Diary,

Mistress teased my relentless all weekend, with various times being told to go put on my nipples (clover/Butterfly Clamps) and either pulling on them or putting on some very homemade weights on them and having me do chores. 

she also through out the weekend would grab my crotch and say "hey little man were that big hard cock of your's?"

and then reply her self before i could respond "Oh yeah you don't really have a cock that's any use to me, that why i fuck and suck real size cock's when i want!"

and during my 2 times taking my morning shower, unlocked under her supervision she both times got a had full of conditioner and stroked my "clit" as she called this weekend and on and off like she was trying to give me a ruined orgasm.

when my right leg started shaking uncontrollably from the stimulation and being so turn on. she would stop and said "ok time to rinse and get out and dry off and get locked up again."

sunday morning she actually had to use ice on me as it would not get soft to put back on the cage.


p.s. i learning to be a pain slut, as i'm really enjoying the nipple clamps these days. an Mistriss is really enjoying watching my erotic suffering as well.

Sunday, 27 May 2018

May 27 2018 - Wife/Mistress foot care

Start Day Locked in Chastity: May 11 2018
Day: 17 DAYS

Dear Diary: LOL so this evening i was told to take care of Mistress feet this evening.

the care to be provided would be using and emery type stone to take the roughness off the bottom of her soles due to the fact of wearing sandals again,  also to do the sanding and cutting of her toe nails and then to apply skin moisturizer and rub that into her skin as i massage them.

and to do so nude and with the clover nipple clamps on as well as still locked in chastity.

during the act of doing each step i was to come up and give her a kiss only after she checked that i had done a great job on each step (foot).

each time i did a task and took my time double checking myself to see if it was done to the best of my abilities, i would then speak to her as she ignored me in general playing mah-jong on her tablet.

“how this for you Mistress?” i would say to her.

her reply would be “well what do you think my small man?”, then she would check it herself. Sometimes she would make a comment other times she would just say “come here and get your kiss my cuckold!”

i would crawl across the bed to face to give her a kiss, as she kissed me each time she would reach up and pull the chain slowly but very firmly. each time it she pulled on the chain harder and each time i moaned in her mouth as we kissed and as she pulled away she had a sexy cheshire cat smile and said next foot.

i said “thank you Mistress” and did the next task.

at the end when all was done to her request she gave me a big long kiss and the hardest pull on the chain. then she said “so your reward cucky for doing such a great job on my feet you may take a deep inhale my cunt but “No” contact what so ever down there!!”.

as i got on my side and put my head between her thighs with about an inch between her woman hood and my nose i started to take a deep breath, as i did so she pulled on the chains slowly but also the hardest yet while i was coming to the end of my lung capacity.

i could feel tears well up and trying to stifle the cry as i wanted to let out, but kids were asleep in their rooms and did not want then to hear what their parents maybe up to.

when i exhaled as I could not inhale anymore, she lifted her right leg and place it on my chest as she let go of the chain at the same time and then proceed to push me hard away and stating “okay put all the stuff away and go brush your teeth and get ready for bed”.

i did what was asked of me and then when i re-entered the bedroom she said come here let me remove the chain. she gave me a kiss pulled on the chain then she stopped kissing me and said “stay locked onto my eyes and keep them open”.

as i looked into her beautiful brown sexy eyes she pulled the chain harder and harder until my cock was bouncing in the small stainless steel chastity cage and my eyes welled up and started rolling back into my head as the pain and erotic pleasure came thundering into my chest and soul.

when i really did think i couldn’t  take anymore she stopped and cupped both nipples and played with them and then released them fast together almost made me cum for the plain and pleasure of that.

past me the chain into my open palm and then said “ put these away and then it’s time for you to go get some sleep cucky!”

it funny for some reason did not take me as long to fall asleep than i thought it would. but i had a smile don’t know if it was on my face but was in my core for sure.


Friday, 25 May 2018

May 25 2018 – May 22 2018 Diary Update

Start Day Locked in Chastity: May 11 2018
Day: 15 DAYS

May 22 2018

i received text from Mrs/Mistress that read: “ Paying the Bill shortly, so please leave to come pick me up now, and “HAVE” the chain on when you drive to get me!! “

so last evening i was asked to pick up the wife at a restaurant she was at with some fellow colleagues. i had very strict instructions  to have the clover nipple clamps on to go pick her up. as i figured my Wife/Mistress might want  to pull on them as i drove then i thought I should rig something up so my Wife/Mistress would be able to so.

FYI: using string tied to the middle of the chain and using a large spring clip fasten to my flap of my jean zipper area.  ran the cord through the loop of one of the metal loops that help open the spring to attach it to whatever in needs to hold.

when i pulled up to the downtown restaurant, there was my beautiful sexy  Wife/Mistress, all smiles talking  too 2 of her  co-workers.

my Wife/Mistress open the rear door to the car ( I would normally stop the car and get out and open the door for her but were in downtown core and there was lots of traffic) and let the 2 of them in and she climbed into the front. my Wife/Mistress made the introductions and gave me a kiss on the cheek as i nonchalantly passed her the loop of cord. she looked quizzical until i lifted my shirt showing what i had done with my left hand as i said my hello’s  too her co-workers and her smiled grew and she then pulled slowly to test it out as she watched my face ( this i was told later by her).

so as i drove the 2 co-workers to their individual homes they made small talk among themselves, but anytime one talked to me and i had to answer, my Wife/Mistress pulled the cord. sometimes it was a light pull others a more aggressive one.

after we dropped the last one off and drove off down the street which we ended at a stop sign. my Wife/Mistress told me to lift my shirt over my nipples so she could see then when she wish to pull them.

as we drove toward our home and we were still in a residential neighborhood she was have quite the fun. she let me know that she was very proud of the way i had worked the cord in to make it more fun for her than she thought she would have for our drive. she said i had also did a great effort to keep my composure during all the talking.

when we got home i got out of the car and open the door for her and as she climbed out of it she pulled the cord down to pull harder on than ever. as she got out she grabbed the chain and pulled me to give me an open mouth kiss, as we kissed she pulled again quite hard and then ran both hands to each nipple and still kissing released the clover clamps and then massaged my nipples to bring back the feeling.

Then we into our home like the very vanilla people that our neighbors think we really are! LOL


Thursday, 24 May 2018

May 24 2018 - the second of the two submissive dreams while locked in Chastity

Start Day Locked in Chastity: May 11 2018
Day: 14 DAYS

submissive dreams
I had 2 different dreams on Sunday 21.2018 both made we wake up in pain from my cock/clit getting hard in my very small stainless steel chastity cage. I will just give you a brief interpretation’s of my dreams so they don’t come off as some fantasy story.

the Second Dream:
not sure how this all came about in the dream or why.  all i know in the dream i was sleeping on my side facing  the outside edge of the bed with my back toward the inside of the bed.  in the dream and felt so real was my wife cuddled up to me in my naked form with chastity cage on. her arm wraps around me and just holds me and i smile inside and the feel of comfort, feeling secure as well as loved.

her arm just holding me below my chest, then it moves up to my left nipple which is also pierced and start’s lightly playing with it.  and after some time starts playing with the ring by pulling in and twisting. I feel and hear the moan of lust coming out of me. and then as she doing this she adjusts her body and feel a phallus on my ass. and the feel her rocking her hips to which it responds by sliding between my ass and top of my thighs.

and then her moves to play with my cage as I feel her phallus start to enter my anal cavity.

i woke up with my cock straining in the small stainless steel cage, I sure I was humping my body pillow and the Mrs was just climbing out of bed and heading into the shower.