Friday, 19 April 2019

April 04 2019 - Old Blog Post

This was written ‎October ‎10, ‎2014, ‏‎for our first blog.. found it recently so thought i would post some.

so you all know Lady B has been  pushing me lately back into me role. she does her best in the humiliation and erotic play department. I've have not cum at all in over 75 days. due to all the stuff that had overwhelmed our lives suddenly.

so to say the least my sexual desires are starting to peak in ways that i just don’t know how much longer i can commit or honor our contract which to me means the same as our marriage vows. don’t going messing up something you worked so hard for.

So my balls are unbelievably full and very sore too say the least. We had to take a over night trip to bring something to someone so we left Friday morning just the two of us. this in it self was a sort of stress relief, we have never left the kids alone all by them self overnight. sure we worried a bit but our neighbors and the kids we were very confident in it not being a large issue.

so we chatted some. Lady B brought some work from the office to do. we talked a bit  our lifestyle choice.

did she have any regrets saying yes to it all? her reply was “Nope not at all!”.

i asked “how did you feel just telling me that i could not cum even though you knew i so need the release? because the life we had earlier you would have let me come!”

her reply was “Had no issues at all it my rules after all! Yes I would have let you cum but those days are over. Right ch?”

my reply was “yes Lady B!”.

so how are your balls ch? my reply was “very large and sore!”.

she laughed hard… and then added “Yes, I did notice that they no longer hang loose and have a darker hue to them”.

i then asked her “did you ever wish to take a lover / boyfriend? or get another submissive?” her reply was “Had no desire to get a full time lover or boyfriend, but yes I would like to get another play toy! With a bigger lean towards a female toy but not she would pass up another male top find a female”

she then added “ch I no longer wish to talk about this at this time. So stop it all OK!”

so i turn my focus to the driving and she lean forward to find a better station on the radio.

the drive was great, we got to our destination and settled in which was at a good friend of ours that goes back to our school days. we told them we would sleep on the floor as we did not wish to put them out as they are not set up for having guest sleep over.

we had a wonderful supper and talk was great. then after 4 hours of being at the restaurant we decided to move and went and got some Timmies (Tim Horton’s Coffee) on the way.

we then settled in for a nice talk and watched “The Adventures of Tin-tin”. which we really enjoyed especially on the 55” screen. I so remember reading the books as a kid.

then we called it a night. Lady B looked over at me and said “Make the bed,  while i get ready for bed!”. now the bed consisted of 4 sleeping bag’s on top of each other and a set of sheets and two blankets and two pillows that’s all. so i did what i was told as every submissive should. she came out and said “It’s your turn ch! Go get ready for bed”

my head was spinning she just called me by my submissive name in someone else home. now they were in their room but still they could have heard. my cock was hard as a rock.

when i was all done i was so worried to come out of the washroom with a hard on. so i carried my cloth’s in front of me. it was all clear. so climbed into bed.

Lady B then looked at me and said well those light won’t turn off them selves as she climb’s into bed. so up I got to go turn the light off. As I turned to look back before the light’s were turn off to get my bearings so I didn’t walk into anything.

there was Lady B pulling down the cover’s and pulling down her bottom’s to show her ass… so bold and erotic. she could get caught like that. guessing she wanted me to rub her back and ass for her to sleep.

as i turned off the light the glow from the bedroom light was there. i could see the soft indirect light shine her ass in a soft glow. how erotic that was to look at. i climbed in to bed again and immediately reach to rub her ass like it might burn me.

as i was rubbing her ass and back  i could hear her deep breathing and the sound of her going to sleep. so rub for a little longer and then stopped. as i was trying to pull up her pants to cover her she asked what i was doing. told her that i thought she feel asleep and was trying to cover her.

after about two pass with my hand she looked at me and said “ch give me a kiss on the cheek of my face please and then go to sleep with you rubbing me ass and back. there would be no release for you tonight.”

this was her wish and i was made to suffer longer because of it.  well i did ask her to be my Femdom. so this was my entire fault i asked for it.


By the way.. i in trouble.. with Mistress, as i have gain 6 lbs! so this will need to be rectified!

Friday, 12 April 2019

Diary April 12 2018 - A Submissive husband Dream

This is a old post from a past Blog we had! Posted on May 24 2018

i the cuckold husband had 2 different dreams last weekend both made we wake up in pain from my cock getting hard in the very small stainless steel chastity cage i have been for over a week. I will just give you a brief interpretation’s of my dreams so they don’t come off as some fantasy story.

but again this is a actual dream i had that i remembered having when i woke up and told my lovely wife
the First Dream: was a beautiful early evening and me and the Wife where walking down St. Catherine’s street in downtown Montreal, Quebec, as we walked by the many shops and talked about meaningless stuff that every talks about on daily outing, She stops at of the store front's and pull’s me into it as i look around it dawns on me it's tattoo parlor and start talking to a beautiful lady with many tattoo’s and a few facial piercing's, then the Lady come to me and say’s “come this way please!”. 

i’m not sure why i she telling me to “come this way”, but i do and we go into this room where i’m told to remove my shirt and i just do what asked of me. She looks at my chest with the nipple pierced i do have and leaves to comes back shortly afterwards. the she tells me to lie down and start’s to pierce my other nipple in a gauge that looks to be the same as the i have already. 

once she's d the Lady looks at my Wife and she say “there how does he look now?".

my wife than states "well, cucky i’ve marked you in my way now!”

then i woke up really sore and hard in my chastity cage looking at the clock on my nightstand it read 4:55 am. it took a bit of time before calming down and went back to sleep some time


Sunday, 31 March 2019

I am now a cuckold (Last-Part 3) written by cuck in Ottawa

Written March 22.2019

The Hotel Room

When I walked into the room, my wife and John were both on their sides in each other’s arms making out on the bed. It was so erotic watching them, and they totally ignored me entering which, was even more of a turn on for me. John finally pulled his tongue out of her mouth for a moment to tell me “take off your clothes and go take a shower”! 

Which I did obediently.

While I was in the shower, even with the bathroom door mostly closed, you could hear my wife moaning loudly. It was an intense loud moan, and I could not wait to get out of the shower and into the room to see what was happening. When I did return fully nude, my wife and John were still passionately making out on the bed. Only now he was on top of her and her legs were wrapped around him. One of his hands was under her head, and the other hand was fingering her pussy skillfully. It was driving her wild. I sat down on the chair and just watched them and started jerking off my now rock hard penis.

John is a strong well-built man, so he was able to pull, pick up, and throw my wife's body around with total ease. And she clearly loved it. He got off her, moved to the edge of the bed, and then grabbed her legs and just effortlessly pulled her to the edge of the bed as well. He then called me over and had me take off her panties, and then commanded me to put them on. As I put I put them on, I could feel how wet they were on my penis and balls. It was intoxicating, knowing how wet John made her in such a short period of time.

With my wife still on her back, he effortlessly spread her legs wide in the air, then put his face right at her pussy, and started eating her out. At this point my wife also got into the act of humiliation on me, and started calling me "cuck" or "cucky" for the rest of the night. John skillfully ate her out and finger fucked her. Her moans only got loader and loader with time, and her moans and screams only stopped when she took a moment to shout at me for not being able to do as good a job as John was doing.
After eating her out for a while, which made me very jealous because I love doing that, her moans stopped as she was now begging for his cock. So he got off the bed, and demanded she take off her dress and bra, and then once she was done undressing she had to undress him, which she did eagerly.
When she pulled down his boxers, exposing his semi hard cock, without any hesitation she took his cock into her mouth, and sucked on it for a good while, getting him rock hard. She would kiss his cock gently, spit on it, and then suck it down as deep as she could go. She would then repeat it over and over. He started to moan and groan as well; clearly enjoying the blow job my wife was giving him.

John isn't the longest guy in the world, but his cock is incredibly thick, and my wife kept commenting on how thick it was. After he was satisfied with her blow job, he grabbed a condom from his pants, told my wife to get on her back on the bed and spread her legs, and before I could even process it, he was inside her and fucking my wife with his thick cock. She loved it clearly. She made eye contact with me while she was getting fucked, and you could see the lust in her eyes, she needed his thick cock. John went from a very slow pace of sensual fucking, to jack hammer speed, and it drove my wife wild. So wild in fact, that she ended up cumming a few minutes later from the sustained fucking.
Without skipping a beat, John said he still had a long way to go using her pussy, and told her to get on top of him. So she eagerly jumped on his cock. He positioned himself on the bed in such a way so that his legs were pointing in my direction, and so when my wife jumped on his cock I had a perfect view of his thick member disappearing inside her. I could also see the white cream coming out of her pussy as he fucked her. It was so damn hot.

At one point she mentioned her pussy was sore from his thick cock, and how she wasn't used to such a thick cock, but it didn't faze him, and he told her to suck it up and keep taking his cock. It was very arousing to me how dominant he was with her as well as seeing her so submissive to him. She mentioned later that she loved this about him as well, and that, while her pussy was sore, she was so turned on by him it didn't faze her as she just wanted his cock and wanted to please him. He also made her call him "Daddy", and so the whole time she was saying how much she loved "Daddy's cock" and how "Daddy" could do anything to his pussy as she belonged to him now.

After she rode him for a while, he commanded her off him, and told her to get off the bed. The two of them then came over to me in the chair, John was behind her and pushing her in my direction. John then forcibly bent my wife over so that her head was on my chest as I was sitting in the chair. He then had my wife's place her hands on the hands of the chair that I was sitting in.  John then lined up behind her and then quickly shoved his cock inside her, as he did she jolted forward, and then he continued to fuck her for a long time in this position. After a while her knees looked like they were about to give out. He was fucking her so hard, and I was sitting in the chair using my arms to try to help her hold her body up. Her moans and screams were so loud, and John then brought her to her second powerful orgasm of the night.

He pulled out of her, and my wife was given a brief moment to recover as she transferred her body weight onto me in exhaustion as I was still on the chair. Then John grabbed her off me, and threw her on the bed. He told her to get on her back, and put some lube on his cock, and then he got on top of her and began fucking her hard again. He just kept fucking her, and she laid there and took it all, begging her Daddy to cum inside her.

After fucking her for a bit, he then had her get on her stomach and put her ass in the air. She asked me for her vibrator, which I lubed up and passed to her. She then put the vibrator against her clit, and he started fucking her hard again, which brought her to her third orgasm of the night.

After her third time, her pussy got sore, and she couldn't take any more fucking. So John got on his back on the bed, and told my wife to get in between his legs, take the condom off him and then suck his cock, all of which she did with conviction. While she was sucking him off, John grabbed her hair roughly, and shoved her face down on his thick cock. She had trouble taking it all in, but eventually got it all in her mouth. She sucked him for a while, until he shouted that he was very close.

At this point he told her to lay flat on the bed, which she quickly did. John then stood up on the bed and towered over her. He jerked off not more than a few strokes before exploding all over her chest. His load was huge, as if he had been saving up for days to mark his territory. After he came, the two of them lay together and kissed and just ran their hands on each other’s bodies. It was so incredible hot, watching my wife do this with another man.

The three of us then chatted for a bit, went over the scene, until John left. My wife then told me to get on the bed, and as we talked more about what happened, I jerked off and came to her telling me how much she loved taking John's cock and how much she wanted him inside her again soon.

cuck in Ottawa

P.S. Thank for your time!

Saturday, 30 March 2019

I am now a cuckold (Part 2) written by cuck in Ottawa

Written March 22.2019

The Hotel Bar

My wife and I got to the hotel bar at 7:50 PM and we were seated in a perfect corner booth. It was semi private, but at the same time still in relatively full view of the bar. Even though the place was almost empty, both of our nerves went up a notch as the whole situation became very real when we sat down in our booth with the knowledge that John would be there relatively soon.

For the next forty minutes, my wife and I had a few drinks and just talked about everything under the sun, what we wanted to do, last minute changes to our scenario, and even some random topics to take the edge of things. It was almost like a normal date night, except we were both counting down until 8:30 PM when John was supposed to arrive.

We set it up so that my wife would be in the corner spot, and then I would sit on one side of her, and John would sit on the other side of her when he arrived. Thankfully by the time 8:30 PM came around, the handful of drinks we had put down really helped calm our nerves.

Right on time, John arrived and walked confidently over to our table. He hugged my wife and then kissed her on the cheek, shook my hand, and then took a seat beside her. For the next thirty minutes we just talked normally like three old friends and had a super great time. Any nerves I had, had gone. Approximately about 30 ~ 45 minutes later, our conversation switched over to cuckolding, sex, to our experiences, to his own experiences, rehashing things we liked and wanted to try. It all felt very genuine and comfortable.

Around this time, my wife also moved much closer into John, and John's hand was either stroking her leg, or holding her sexy thigh firmly. Her already short dress started to ride up as well, exposing more of her sexy legs with time. It was a huge turn on for me to watch her move closer to him, and watch his hands all over my wife's legs. I also was thinking in the back of my head about the other people in the bar watching us, and that excited me even more. Did they wonder why we walked in together but now she was all over this other guy?

At about 10:00 PM, after much talking about this experience and cuckolding in general, my wife looked at me, and with a lust filled smile on her face, all of a sudden asked me if I was okay with the situation and wanted to take it further. I replied with a quick and resounding yes. She then told me to pay the bill, and that she was taking John down to the hotel room. I was to text John in 10 minutes to ask him for permission if I could come down or not.

She then gave me a quick kiss, and stood up. John and I then stood up as well, and before I could even process what she said, my wife and John started walking out of the bar with John's hand firmly on her ass. I sat back down in the booth and watched my wife leave the bar with this stranger, staring at my phone counting down the minutes to when I could ask John for permission to come down to the hotel room.

My wife this morning told me that as soon as they left the bar and got on the elevator, John was kissing her passionately, and running his hands gently all over her. When they got into the room she put on some music, he opened the bottle of bubbly, and they got on the bed and that is when he got much more dominant with her.

He started kissing her on the bed, and he ran his hands up her thigh, onto her pussy, which was now dripping wet. It caught both of them off guard, she had never been so wet for someone so quickly, and even he thought he would need more time to get her to this point. After a few minutes of making out and John running his fingers over the outside of her pussy some more, John got the text from me, asking for permission, and he replied that I could have permission to come to the room.

cuck in Ottawa

Friday, 29 March 2019

I am now a cuckold (Part 1) written by cuck in Ottawa

Written March 22, 2019

The Preamble

I won't go into how we met John (online), or how long the three of us have been chatting (three weeks) before meeting, but I will say that J is a very experienced Bull that has a way with words and can make you feel both comfortable and completely dominated at the same time. As such, it took no time for my wife to take a strong liking to him and decide that John was the first guy she wanted to cuck me with.

When the day finally arrived, we found ourselves both very excited and incredibly nervous. My wife and I had to talk each other through the start of the night, but little did we know those jitters would disappear very soon. She opted to wear her sexy short tight fitting dress, with a pair of black crotch-less panties that I bought for her the day before for this occasion.

We checked into the hotel at 7:30 PM, setup a small Bluetooth speaker in the corner of the room, put some bubbles on ice, laid out her toys, a few condoms and lube in the room. We then had a quick drink together in the room before kissing each other and heading up to the hotel bar.

cuck in Ottawa

Thursday, 28 March 2019

I am now a cuckold post written by cuck in Ottawa

March 22, 2019

Last night I had my first cuckold experience. It was amazing, exhilarating, exciting, nerve-wracking and incredible, all at once. For both my wife and I, it was everything we thought it would be and more. And we are already talking about when our next experience with John will be.

The short version of this story is that my wife was fucked hard by John last night, while I sat in a chair watching them both and jerking off. John finished by shooting his huge load all over her chest, but not before making my wife scream and moan and cum three times, something that she really enjoyed.

The ridiculously long version can be found in future post, cut into three parts, the first part covers everything until we check into the hotel room, the second part describes our time at the bar, and the third part talks about our time in the hotel room.

cuck in Ottawa

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Mar. 25 2019 - Fellow (KIK) Ottawa cuckold Hubby

so i will be adding some stories on here from another local cuckold couple that i met through my KIK account and group, as they wish to share but keep there lives a bit more private! i had offered my Blog Diary so they could share their  intimate thoughts as well as their personal journey that they are going threw with other fellow cuckolds! and reader who drop by here!

i received there first story of there first time.. will post as a 3 parts. it the cuck's words of seeing his wife Jane with her boyfriend/Lover John.

the Author going by the name "cuck in Ottawa".