Friday, 18 January 2019

Jan 18 2019 - Mistress has a Date with a Man.

so for the past 3 weeks i have been looking for a new lover/bull for my Mistress/Wife. after some searching and many chat, i found a couple.. this one stood out and she very intrigued so she made me set up drinks and maybe supper after her work today!

so as of 5:30 PM she will be what she calls a real man and not a evening with a cuckold!

so i will try to keep a record for myself on any and all text's i receive!

**if anyone reading this.. this suppose to be just a simple date where they get to know each other and what each really wants.. should be no sex!**

as i was writing this revieved a text from Mistress!

11:02 am it read.

"are you enjoying making a date for me with another man and even the fact that you won't even be there?"

1:18 pm text read
"as your already in chastity, i want you to put in the largest Butt Plug in (Glass One) and your sexy lace panties! do this while supper cooking for you and the kids. and stay like that when i text you to come and pick me up after my dates over"

6:15 pm text read.
"At Royal Oak, Hunt Club having a drink, will let you know if going good we will head to Lone Star for supper!"


Thursday, 17 January 2019

Jan. 17 2019 - Confession Thursday

one of my confession i'm writing down officially! i think i will do this every Thursday from now on.

confession #1

I have a average penis, but really crave and wish it to be almost no existent not sure why other than it really excite's me to know end. as as i feel personally in my head i that have a small cock or crave the small cock. one thing i asked my Mistress/wife to really push that fact in anyway she can.


Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Dear Diary Jan.14 Part 2

so left off last getting a mouth of the Mistress squirting/cum as she watched porn on the TV down in our family room.

she made me lick her with the flat of my tongue only, then lift a leg and put her foot on my shoulder and push it straight out so i ended up lying on my back. then she got up and climbed over me and wrapped her sexy body around me.

she then started kissing me and nibbling on my neck and biting as she ground her woman hood on my chastity cage. she did that until she came again! once she was finished with me.. she took of her rode and dropped on me stating " to hot for that.. bring it up with you and turn off the TV and come to bed"

all this was being said as she turn a walked away and i got a great view of her ass in the thong as she unhooked her bra and let it fall off her shoulder and was dropped on the floor as she turn the corner and i watched her in the mirror on the wall as i saw her climb the stairs.

i just laid there stunned at what all happen as my clit just throbbed in it confines of it cage.


Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Dear Diary Jan 14 - the twist! of my big balls

so yesterday was the first day of Voluntarily giving up any chance for orgasm / release till Feb the 14th the earliest. as i do this every year for the last 8 years it a gift i happily give to my Mistress / Wife to show her how much i truly love her and desire her.

to most who would read this i know you don't get it or understand why any man would do so. as over the years i have found my self aroused by the fact as i'm not any man and don't really see myself as a normal man and will never again either. it how i found myself to be wired now!

and lucky for myself my Wife/Mistress is okay with all this and enjoy's it as well. keep in mine she is also allowed freely to have sexual relation with anyone she see fit.. she has a free hall pass anytime do expiry date.

that being said.. 95 % of the time i'm there and the times i not.. it with MEN who we already been with a few times.

everyday when i get home after taking my coat of and putting stuff away i go to "her " room and every once and awhile there will be a not left on my side of the bed on the pillow.

last evening there was such a note, and it read:

"Dear cucky, 

                welcome to the first day of hell for the next 30 days. i want you to put on you sexiest panties under your everyday cloth's and then start supper.

tonight's supper is  chicken patties and rice and a hash brown's for (blank). after supper you are allowed to watch to episode of "Flash" on Netflix with the kids and than get (another Blank) ready for bed and in bed.

when that's done do the dishes and clean up the kitchen.


so did all that.. for those who wish to know she had a late meeting at work and when she came home it was during the second episode. After the kids went to bed she walked past the kitchen entrance a couple of times putting her stuff away and getting ready for her work day tomorrow as she working from home.

as i was finishing up my cellphone chirped telling me a text came in. i looked over to see on the screen it was from Mistress Phone.

i used my finger to unlock the phone and then click to open messages. to read " come see me when done.. soon hopefully and keep to yourself and quite"

and a photo was attached! :)

( this a Photo she had taken recently when we played in South of U.S)

this made it really tight in my cage and it's a small cage ( Micro ). 

so i did my work with a bit more speed and was happy i was almost done.

well walked into the living room to see she was not there so walked to bed room. hmm still not there so head back to see if she in the family room that's in the basement. as i walked done the stairs i could hear some noise as i turn the corner i could see our 55" TV and it was casting a video i found out later from her cellphone ( will try to get a clip and maybe upload it) of her having sex with a big cock lover.

when i finally took my eyes off the screen there was by Beautiful Mistress bathrobe on but fully open a sexy match under wear that  just happen to be the same as she was wearing in the screen and her hand in between her thighs with the panties pushed to the left and her finger's stroking her clit and sinking into her.. i just stood there as i leaked pre-cum into my panties like a open faucet.

she was totally enjoying herself and was just focus on the screen. she spoke up after about five minuets or so but felt like hours.

"take off you clothes, but leave you pretty panties and then get over here and between my legs, just watch what you so desire but i denied you as your not a real man!" the words cut as well as excited me to know end.

as i did what i was told i walked over and got down on the floor in front of the leather chair she was in. she had two finger in and when i had got down in front she added a 3rd. in and her finger started going in and out faster and her breathing got deep and she said "God i wish i had that big cock right now to fill me and take care of my need's, fuck i would even let him do me bareback like a real man should!"

and then she started cumming.. and cum she did.. she ended up squirting all over my face and some in my mouth when i finally figured out she was.. and was able to get some in and swallow it.. first time ever i had ever got the chance to do that, but a second stream was cumming and she said in almost a low scream "get you mouth closer bitch, but keep off my pussy and finger's!"

and i was able to wear more as well as swallow even more of this Jem of a liquid i rarely get to see!

will try to write part 2 as tired!


Monday, 14 January 2019

Jan. 14 2019 - International Chastity Day

so today is international chastity day, it the day when not forced to be in it i freely asked to be locked up until no earlier than Feb.14 the day of love or the commercial day of selling love to the world.. i do it to show my true love.

have been doing it since my second year in the cuckold life style, and i believe Mistress remembered this and it why she let me have a breath yesterday.

so i if anyone read's this diary, you would know she let me have the day out of chastity at 5 pm she told me to go back in and call her so she could lock me up!


Sunday, 13 January 2019

Jan. 13 2019 - dear diary

so got a unexpected surprise this morning, every weekend i get to take off my chastity under supervision of course to shave that area as Mistress demands it to be smooth other than a square patch of hair on the top of my clit! as she says it make me look foolish and should humiliate me when i get caught walking in a public place meaning shower at the gym or at one of the local swimming pool's.

but this morning when she unlocked it for my shower and shave, she asked "do i need to stand over you to make sure you don't take any liberties that you are not allowed to do freely?"

I said "no Mistress, i can promise to do what i would do if you were right here in the bathroom".

she replied "good girl, for that you can keep it off till i demand it or bed which ever is first"

omg i thought to myself, i can't remember when i was last un-cage for a full day. she did walk in a few times to peek as well as tease me, and boy so far today she been teasing and grabbing it through my sweat pant and jean all day so far. not sure how we have not been caught with all the kids around.


Saturday, 12 January 2019

Jan 12 2019 Dear Diary "Update"

So the household is getting better after being hit hard with the Flu over the holiday season. as of Friday the 12th i down to 251.0 lbs.. so not a big loss but the following weekend was down to o 140.5 due to almost no eating because of the Flu... so hot healthy way at all!

As of Jan. 11 2019  i have been locked in chastity and denied any type of release for 100 days! We use a app called ChastiKey, not bad.. not perfect either! Below are to screen shot of our cell app one is just the opening screen of the app. the other show's the time when we took a screen shot of my time as a submissive cuckold for my lovely Mistress/Wife. we never talk about me get out of Chastity or release as it not my place to so... and if i did there might consequences for me.

And the time as of Jan 11 2019 (below).

This Morning Jan 12. 2019 i woken by my Mistress/Wife and told to get up and follow her.  i sleep eyed and wondering what was going on, as i had not slept well last evening i was really in fog. as i followed her out of /her/our bedroom down the hall as it was still quite dark as i stepped into the main bathroom and she closed the door and grabbed me hard by the hair and pulled my head back to say "Get undress now cuck and get into the tub!"

i was wide awake now and  the back of my head hurt from how hard she pulled my hair, swear she might even taken some with her when she released her grip. as i got undress and started liming into the tub.. with only the bathroom night light on to see.

as i was standing there in the tub with my face toward the back wall i started to turn as the main light turn on to see my beautiful wife/Mistress stand by the switch nude! as i stare at her beauty she say to me "lie down in the tub on your back cucky!"  i do what i'm told and as still in some what a fog i not sure why or what on her mind.

as i lie there she moves toward me and says "keep you eyes closed" i did as i heard her move into the tub... and the felt and smelled the urine that was being and it seemed to go on for sometime as my chastity cage to my head got covered with Mistress fresh golden nectar.. even got some into my mouth and it was very strong tasting.

as she finished she said "move up and lick me clean you dirty cuck". i did.. as much as it was erotic it was very strong and don't think i cleaned her anymore than before i started. she moved off the edge of the tub and wiped her self with tissue, as i started to move as well she stated " nope lie back down there until i say you can get out". she got dress in her p.j's and turn to walk out turning the light of and closing the door!

i could here her walk back to her bedroom and climb into bed. it felt like i was in there for some time, and  i know as i shivered in the tub i could hear her deep breathing after some time i heard her phone alarm go off and then heard her get out of bed and come down the hall.

as she open the door and turn the light on which blinded me some what and she said "get up on your knees" as she removed her p.j's again. she came over to the tub grabbed my head of hair again and said "cuck open up wide and do not spill a drop as i will take that as a disrespect in our relationship!"
(not our photo!)

she pulled my mouth on to her beautiful woman hood that i rarely get access to anymore other than this now. and i felt the flow into my mouth again and swallow i did and the taste was far less strong this time let alone the flow.. i was able to complete the task with mot a drop spilled in two whole gulps. i was so proud of my self this time.. and funny thing i noticed i was sad that there was not more for me to swallow, oh god she starting to make me crave her golden nectar now!

she then said "use the only thing your good at that tongue.. get me off so i can get back to bed as it 3:40 in the morning bitch!" as any good submissive i did that and was in heaven as i can't remember when last she let mt orally please her. and i some how got her to have to orgasm's.. then she pushed me away.. turned the shower on and said "stay down there till i wash up".

as she washed and finished up she climb out of the shower and started drying up and getting dressed, i did dare move. she peeked in and told me i had "10 min. to wash and brush my teeth and clean my tongue, get dried and climb back into bed.. if i didn't make it i would be sleeping next to her with "big Red fully inserted into my ass for the rest of the night!

i rushed as "Big Red" in 8" tall and 3" girth.. and that would be uncomfortable!

made it just under and Mistress was sleeping as i got settled in to bed her phone alarm went off.. she turn it off and smiled at me and told me to spoon with her! when i did. she said hey take those bottom's off those are for real men or when you walking around the house when the kids are up!

i removed them and moved in to spoon with her, she grabbed my hand and placed under her top so that my palm was holding her breast and felling her hard pierced nipple as well!

what a way to start the weekend!  :)