Wednesday, 13 June 2018

June 13 2018 Diary update - Coffee Delivery ???

Start Day Locked in Chastity: May 11 2018
Day: 34 DAYS to date.

11:18 am

okay so this is weird this literally just happen an hour and half ago, i had walked away from my desk to deal with something in the back. when i came back there was Starbucks Coffee cup on my desk, found out later it actually was a Caramel Macchiato!

i asked my secretary where did the coffee came from, her reply it came by Uber as was told it was for you so i put on your desk. it came shortly after you left to go into the back.

written on it very clearly with a black marker "For the Cuckold Husband ;)", my head raced a million miles thinking what the hell. try calling the Mrs/Mistress and it just rang and in the back ground i hear a comment from my secretary i was unable to hear clearly as my focus was on try to get a hold of my wife with no luck.

i asked my secretary "what was that?".

her reply was "That was nice of your wife to be thinking of you and left you a special note on the cup for you!"

yes she knows i'm a cuckold, but i still wanted to crawl under my desk and hide.

Text came in from my wife that read " Sweetie stop calling i'm busy in a hotel room with a large friend, he's the one who bought you the coffee and got it sent to your work also took the rest of the day off and might be home a bit later".

mind is racing.. still so will leave off for now! will upload a photo of the coffee cup when i get a chance!


Edit Diary Post: 4:00 PM  adding this photo of the cup on my desk that i took.

no word or text from the Wife/Mistress


  1. Oh my God!! love your Diary Blog!!! Keep posting!!

  2. Hi, we’re another Femdom couple very near Ottawa. I stumbled across your blog this morning. Although not currently cuckolding, it has been a mutual desire, I’m a collared submissive, by my Mistress/wife, and currently three weeks into a three month chastity period. We’ve been trying to find other local real Femdom couples for friendship and possibly more. Unfortunately, your profile doesn’t have contact info so I’ll log in with my disposibale mail address, thinking you could contact me there, if you’re interested, I hope to hear from you and perhaps our Mistress/wives could connect.

    P.S. I find it very hot and embarrassing that your secretary knows. While we only hide our positions from non kink family/friends, it’s still not general knowledge.

    1. do you mind if i just reply in a post John S?

    2. Hi John S, Went looking for a way to contact you... but no way to do so!

  3. wow, where has this blog how did your secretary find out that your a cuckold?

  4. thank you very much "bdenied" we had a blog quite a few years ago, so started a new one putting my thought out there and feeling hoping helps others. for my secretary i will do a post on that as a later date.